Planning and Certified property valuations – Activity Zone

We value properties with special land use. Deborah Leshinsky and Associates has the skill and experience when it comes to planning zones and valuations. An Example is a property in Footscray zoned Activity Centre Zone. On such  a site one can use this property for Mix use and that is exactly what the tenant is […]

Deborah Leshinsky Services are Appreciated – Certified Property Valuer serving our community

To Whom it May Concern, In about mid to late April 2021, I engaged Deborah Leshinsky to draw up a Valuation Report for a property in Bentleigh East. I found Deborah to be very personable and professional. She attended the property at the appointed time, efficiently assessed it and drew up the Valuation Report in […]

Opposing side valuation – with comments

Deborah Leshinsky specialises in analysing reports of other valuers for the courts, mediation, arbitration and more.   Please contact Deborah on 0417331084 for assistance     11th March 2021     Current Market Value letter     You have requested from myself to prepare a letter outlining my position regarding the opposing side valuation report […]

Industrial property Valuation

Tasks include:   Conduct an onsite inspection of buildings for familarisation and take on site measurements. This includes a walk around the inside and outside of the property. Calculate building areas. Conducting a full inspection  utilsing a range of resources. Apply relevant  information to property Calculate the comparable sales Perform other research necessary to form […]

Margin Scheme Property Valuation

Do you require a valuation for the Margin Scheme. We have the experience and the knowledge to provide you with what you need to fulfil the Australian Tax Office requirement. We can provide you with a Certified Valuation that is able to asses the Margin. This is worked out by determining the difference between the […]

Single Expert Property Valuer for Family Law Matter

A valuation as a single expert on behalf of both parties may be required for a Family Law/seperation purpose. Single expert rules are more stringent and involve more work. Please contact Deborah Leshinsky on 0417331084 or email If an  affidavit for the property  valuation is required my CV will be provided.

Do you require a second opinion on a certified property valuation

Do you require another opinion on a valuation provided by another valuer. Family law,Rental Review, Retrospective valuation. We check sales, details on valuation report to see if they are correct and accurate for court, government bodies and settlement details between parties. Perhaps the house is of no value and the property is instriicically  land value. […]

Wittness required to be available for examination

Deborah Leshinsky has  the experience for video conference hearings in this pandemic times. We follow the instructions in regard to the notice of procedure for Defended Hearings via Microsoft Teams. Please call upon Deborah Leshinsky on 0417331084 or 95275943 or email to engage her as an expert wittness. The link/invitation received from chambers are followed […]

Body Corporate Insurance Valuations – Our Fees are the most reasonable

Tasks include: Conduct an onsite inspection of building for familarisation and take on site measurements. Calculate building areas. Apply relevant  replacement costs to the development. Calculate the estimated reinstatement  and replacement costs of  improvements. Calculate an amount to provide cost escalation during the design and reconstruction period. Calculate an amount for additional professional fees. Calculate […]

All in it together

“In these hard times we are all in it together ” We are glad to inform our valued  clients  that Deborah Leshinsky of property valuer Melbourne is an essential support service. We provide a service to the economic sector that is required and very important to the whole of the  Australian Financial Precinct. Please call […]