Environmental Valuations

Environmental Value is often confused with ecological interest. Landscapes can have an environmental value A park in a city can also provide important environmental value to the local community ie green lung to reduce pollution. Call Deborah for a Specialised valuation on 0417331084

Valuation for Estate Purposes

When a loved one such as a parent passes away it is always a good idea to get a Certified Property Valuer to value the property of the Family Home or the Family Property. The last thing a family wants is a dispute between siblings. Organising  a property Valued by Deborah Leshinsky and Associates guarantees […]

Family Law Valuations

I would like to comment on the article in The Age dated 13th December 2016. They mention that new research has provided that newly single women mothers fair the worst and based on the survey by HILDA divorced women earn 10 % less than married women. I would like to add with a Family Law […]

Power Transmission Lines

Recently I was asked to take into consideration the value of a Family Home within 50 metres of Power Transmission lines. If all the sales used in the valuation report are within 50  to 100 metres of the residence and  are  also subject to Power Transmission lines then is a valuer doing the right thing […]

The Family Law Section of the Law Council of Australia

The Family Law Section (FLS) of the Law Council of Australia is the largest professional association for family law practitioners, with a membership of almost 2,500 from all Australian States and Territories and a number of international members. The Family Law Section exists to positively influence the development and practice of family law for the […]

How long does a Property Valuation Report last for?

Many clients ask how long does a valuation report last for ? In summary:  a valuation report would last 3 months from the date of the inspection of the property. If you would like to discuss more about how long a valuation report could last for: Contact us: