Mount Buller Alpine Resort Management Board

We value properties under lease and license agreements.

Between Alpine Resorts

Adjoining owners

Chief Executive Officer

Lessor is the Board

Lessee – includes successors – will need to pay all rents and other monies

Snow season does affect the value.

Please contact Deborah Leshinsky for a Certified Property valuation of any property on behalf of the Alpine Property Management.

0417331084 or 95275943

or email



Parking spot for properties in Mount Buller – added value?

Deborah Leshinsky is a certified property valuer – who values on the Mountain : phone 0417331084 or for a quote.

Question asked : when determining the current market value of a property on mount Buller.

Does the property have some car spots on title.

If not then this must be taken into consideration when the value needs to be determined for the apartment.

Would an owner like to park in the public car park?

When we determine the current market value for family law, superannuation, tax purposes or just current market value – car spots do need to be taken into consideration.

We also value in Mansfield, Merriji anadn Mirimbah

We  have valued  on the mountain in : apartment blocks – Stirling Road, summit road,Athletes walk,Goal poast road, Chamois Road, Abom Way, Whitehorse village, The Avenue, Delatite Lane, Whitehorse village Road,

Certified Valuer for Ex Commission houses and Bank Houses – Unique properties

Do you require an ex commission house to be valued?

Do you require a bank house to be valued?

Solid brick residences built circa 1940’s.

We value and take into consideration all the different traits of the residence – location, extensions out door entertaining areas, alfresco, water tanks, solar panels  and more.

If you require a certified valuation for family law purposes, inheritance, probate, superannuation, tax purposes.

Many of our customers who are not located in Melbourne have asked us to provide a valuation for certainty .

Please contact Deborah Leshinksy on 0417331084.

We do inspections on sundays and after hours if required.

We are even open over the christmas break and new year – we are here to help.

Is your property located in the “Garden City” -As Deborah to provide a  market value certified property valuation


Certified property valuations for Mediation,Arbitration and VCAT Hearings

Do you require a fair market value of a property.

Contact Deborah Leshinsky for a Certified property valuation.

We can provide a valuation within 24 hours of inspecting the property.

If a property is unable to be inspected we can provide a kerbside valuation.

We have the data to assist you with a fair reasonable property valuation.

please contact Deborah on 0417331084

Hastings – 3915

We provide property valuations in Hastings

No job is too small or too big.

We specialise in all types of valuations on the Mornington Peninsula.

Whether you have a small house or a large vineyard we can assist you with a certified property valuation for matrimonial, superannuation, finance, bail hearings.

Quick replies and easy communication.

Please contact Deborah Leshinsky on 0417331084 or email on

Factories and Factoriettes – Certified Valuation for Industrial 1 properties

Do you require a valuation of a factory or storage unit.

Does the factory have features such as 7 metre high ceilings, container height automatic roller door, seperate pedestrian entry door, Full concrete panel construction.

Saw tooth roof, metal deck, colourbond we taken it all into consideration to determine the current market value.

No job is too big or too small.

Call Deborah on 0417331084 to have a certified property valuation of an industrial factory for Superannuation purposes, transfer of land and more.

Quick turnaround after a quick walk through of your property.

Mckinnon School Zone – is your property is a school Zone

Do you require a Certified valuation in a public school zone

Gardenvale primary

Mckinnon High School

Rosdebud secondary College

Albert Park College

Prahran High School

Dromana Secondary College

Mordialloc College

Richmond High School

Springvale West Secondary College


We provide  certifed valuations that are included in the school zones and they do add value to your property.

Contact Deborah Leshinsky on 0417331084 or email for a quote.

We have over 20 years experience in property valuations


Certified property valuations in Tynong,Garfield and Nar Nar Goon

20 Hectares more or less

sectioned off Paddocks

Post and wire fencing

Horse shelters

Sloping property

In and out boxes

Menage Horse Arena

Water Tanks


Views of power lines

Are all considered when a valuation is require.

Is your property rural residential or an income producing property

Deborah Leshinsky and Associates has the ability to value that property.

Contact Deborah on 0417331084 for a quality Certified property valuation report for transfer of land into a superannuation fund court,  retrospective valuation mortgage, inheritance and more

Surrounding properties included: Yannathan, Bayles, Garfield, Catani, Nar Nar Goon

3981 3812 3814 3981 3982

Family law valuations for joint authority

Deborah Leshinsky is able to provide a family law valuation for a joint authorisation from both family lawyers

The property is inspected and then the current market value of the subject property is determined from sale in the last few months.

If there are repairs and renovations needed the valuation can be reflected to include this. Careful consideration can be taken into account when determining the current market value.

As an independent valuer the valuation will be independent and impartial.

Contact via email or phone for an immediate certified valuation report or 0417331084

We provide certified valuation of high end homes – mansions, estates, Villas and more

Do you reqiure a high end residence to be valued?

Is there a value between $2million and $10 million?

We value properties such as mansions, castles, palaces, luxurious homes ,large homesteads,Chateau, elegant and premium properties.

Please contact Deborah Leshinsky on 0417331084.

We have the experience and the skill.

No property is too small or too large.

Suburbs include: Hampton,Surrey Hills, Toorak, Caulfield,Fawkner,Brighton,Edithvale,Torquay,Bentleigh, Mckinnon,South Yara and more.

With so much experience we can help.