Are you looking to have a commercial property valued by experts in the area where you are located?

Then look no further.

Are you looking to : Lease or Purchase a property – then ask an expert property valuer to tell you the honest true value.

Relying on old council valuations is not sufficient these days to find out what a commercial property is really worth.

Property Valuer Melbourne can guarantee you with a thorough  researched confident valuation.

Whether you need one floor or several floors valued – no job is too small or too big.

Leases are checked by qualified Solicitors who are also  certified practicing  valuers – giving you an edge up on what you need to know about the property.

Add ins and Add backs are also important determinants.

No stone is unturned to reveal the true value of the Commercial property.

The correct yield can also be determined to provide a return on investment. Looking at similar type properties is an important guideline.

Some important points to note when determining Commercial Valuations are : Land Tax, GST, Net annual Income and outgoings.

At our office we have valuers who will explain every step of the way when determining a reliable value.

Our valuations can be used for court, government bodies and even negotiating a value with a proposed purchaser.

Please call or email – we are waiting to help you and provide the best service possible.



Whether your shop is in Chapel Street, Bridge Road, Waverley Gardens  or in the heart of the CBD – You can have your questions answered by a Retail Specialist Valuer.

If you are situated in a large or small shopping centre – you are entitled to know what your shop is worth or even if you are paying the correct rent.

Why not hire a Retail Specialist Valuer who can tell you if you are paying the correct rent.

If you are a landlord and want to know if you are receiving FAIR MARKET VALUE .

Who better to call than a specialist with over 15 years experience we are here to assist you.

Property Valuer Melbourne can help you all the way.

Our team have lawyers and Certified Valuers to walk you through leases explaining what you are and are not entitled to pay.

OFFICE – Workplace

Are you paying too much rent as a Tenant ? Are you paying extra costs ?

Are you entitled to more rental income as a landlord ?

Let us look into this for you.

A dollar saved today is a dollar more in your pocket.

Is the Net Lettable Area you are paying for in your office correct?

Let us determine that for you.

As a client we are here to help you every part of the way. Hire a valuer who cares about customer service – who cares about you and your organisation.

With a research background we can get to the bottom of information and explain to you whats going on in the Commercial Areas of Melbourne.

Call us or email us for a chat about where you are at and what you need. We are here to help you in every which way we can.


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