Are you unhappy with your current rates notice?

Do you feel that your council is placing a very high value on your Residential Rates Notice  Commercial Rates notice or Industrial Rates notice?

You are entitled to appeal your valuation estimate on the Valuation rates notice.

Call Property Valuer Melbourne or email to discuss having a Fair Market Valuation done on your property on 0417331084 or 95275943.

Rates are worked out on Mass appraisal method. Council want to generate as much income as possible

No one wants to pay higher rates and land taxes than they ought to.

On a higher value you pay more rates. Let us determine the correct value for you.

Has council overstated the  Site Value , unimproved value, and charging you too much or

Has council overstated the CIV – Improvements and Land Value combined or

Has council overstated the Net Annual Value – the income

Well we can help you determine the correct value.

No job is too small or too big.

We are an honest firm of valuers and solicitors  and will tell you the Value it ought to be.

Councils do not always value your property correctly.

Call Deborah Leshinsky on 0417331084 to discuss a no obligation fee.