Finance is the raising of Capital  and you can do this by raising equity or raising debt.

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The portion of capital between debt & equity is called Capital Structure. Knowing the capital structure; how much of capital is equity, how much of capital is debt, provides the weights used to calculate WACC

Rate of Return : is how we measure the cost of finance and the what we earn on an asset.

Time Value of Money : Do you require a single cash flow of  present value or even  a future value of money or perhaps Multiple cashflow valuations – who better to call than the academic professionals.

At Property valuer Melbourne we can determine the Yield, Return and Discount Rates.

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A  current market valuation is critical in Finance as a potential buyer or investor the price needs to be determined for the investment.

Please also do not forget the : Effective Rate of Return that includes the compounding effect and the Expected rated of return which is the anticipated return that will be earned on a an asset.

You want to make sure that your asset has a Real return – which includes the return that accounts for the breaking down  of purchasing power due to inflation.